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بهترین کارخانه تولید 4D / 5D / 6D / 7D سینما حرفه ای در چین.

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Modern Design 5D Theater System 5D Cinema Seating With Fiber Glass Material

کیفیت خوب تئاتر فیلم 4D برای فروش
کیفیت خوب تئاتر فیلم 4D برای فروش
I am so glad to cooperate with SHUQEE. Their products with good quality and pretty competitive price. My customers like it very much.

—— Mr Omar Fernado--Colombia

Shuqee’s motion seats are exciting When I experience the roller coaster that is really the kind of immersive feel. We'll keep long term cooperation.

—— Mr. Artur Jastrzebski--Poland

I am so lucky to find SHUQEE's manufacturer,Greatly appreciated to their kind from pre-sale to after-sale service all the time.

—— Mr. Muhammed --Iraq

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Modern Design 5D Theater System 5D Cinema Seating With Fiber Glass Material

چین Modern Design 5D Theater System 5D Cinema Seating With Fiber Glass Material تامین کننده

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جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
نام تجاری: Shuqee
گواهی: CE,ISO9001,SGS,GMC
Model Number: SQT0200


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
قیمت: $20,000---$50,000,000
Packaging Details: Safe package: Bubble Pack +stretch films carton+ wood frame
Delivery Time: 15days after received deposit.
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union
Supply Ability: 10pcs in one month.
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
نوع فیلم: طبیعت، وحشتناک، ماجراجویی، فیلم های مسابقه ای مقدار فیلم: بیش از 100 عدد به صورت رایگان
صفحه نمایش: تخت، قوس، صفحه دایره ای صندلی حرکتی: 2 نفر / مجموعه، 3 نفر / مجموعه، 4 نفر / مجموعه
رنگ صندلی: سیاه، قرمز، زرد، آبی، قهوه ای اثر شبیه ساز: برف، حباب، باران، باد، رعد و برق
سیستم حرکتی: pneumaitc، هیدرولیک، برق رنگ:: رنگ های مختلف برای انتخاب

Modern Design 5D Theater System , 5D Cinema Seating With Fiber Glass Material


Description Of 5D Theater System:


5D Theater System , in addition to dynamic 3-DOF platform, we offer the viewer a lot of special effects that can leave an indelible impression in the memory:

Splashes of water - in our seats equipped with a special mechanism that can throw the water in the area of the arms and chest of visitors, which allows the most realistic dobitsya dives underwater travel, racing and many other movies!

Wind - All our cinemas are equipped with generators, 5d wind that can make any race as realistic as possible and give them a drive.



Specifications of 5D Theater System:


Name 5D Theater System
Image system Projectors, screen system.
Control system Motion chair, special effect system.
Sound system 5.1 audio system,7.1 audio system
Motion chair Pneumatic system; hydraulic system; electronic system
Special effect system Snow,bubble,rain,wind,lightning,fog,smell etc.
Other accessories Pipes,bubble oil,snow oil,etc.



Introduce of SHUQEE


Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co., Ltd adopts advanced video imaging technology, citing the international forefront of innovative design concepts, gathering many senior professional technicians. We are fully implementing the ISO9001: 2008 quality Management Implementation of Standards. A technological, cultural and creative company which realizing a set of 4DM/XD Theater system development, equipment production, planning and construction,operation and maintenance to form a whole industry chain.



After-sales Support

1. Installation
A.Send your technicians to China to learn installing and testing.
B.We will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it.
C.Send our technician to your location to complete the installation.

2. Warranty
We offer you one year factory warranty.we will offer you 24 hours online maintenance for free, and supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced by non-human factors.

3. 5D Movie
We have our professional team working on the 5D movie, normally we can update 3-5 new movie every month to our customers during the period of warranty.

4. Design
We have our professional designer, can supply and design the ticket, poster and room decoration for you. Help you to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.



What are the differences between ELECTRIC/PNEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC SYSTEM?

Pneumatic,the chair's dynamic system from air compressor that is the most ripest techonology,that is very easy to maintain and repair after service;

Hydraulic,that chair's dynamic system from hydraulic station,the oil station have to seal oil,if the oil leave out,that will pollution the invironment and all the chairs have to stop and difficlut to maintain for not professional worker;

Electronic,the chair's dynamic system from electornic sensor and valve,that is new technology and simple structure.
that is very easy to install and maintain.


Modern Design 5D Theater System 5D Cinema Seating With Fiber Glass Material

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