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One Year Warranty 4D Cinema System Theater Cinema Chair With Movement Effect

کیفیت خوب تئاتر فیلم 4D برای فروش
کیفیت خوب تئاتر فیلم 4D برای فروش
I am so glad to cooperate with SHUQEE. Their products with good quality and pretty competitive price. My customers like it very much.

—— Mr Omar Fernado--Colombia

Shuqee’s motion seats are exciting When I experience the roller coaster that is really the kind of immersive feel. We'll keep long term cooperation.

—— Mr. Artur Jastrzebski--Poland

I am so lucky to find SHUQEE's manufacturer,Greatly appreciated to their kind from pre-sale to after-sale service all the time.

—— Mr. Muhammed --Iraq

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One Year Warranty 4D Cinema System Theater Cinema Chair With Movement Effect

چین One Year Warranty 4D Cinema System Theater Cinema Chair With Movement Effect تامین کننده

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جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
نام تجاری: SHUQEE
گواهی: CE, SGS, TUV
Model Number: SQJ-0833


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
قیمت: $50000-$80000/set
Packaging Details: 1900x850x1400mm
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3 sets per month
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Motion chairs function: push back, movement from left to right, front to back, up and down Name: 4D Cinema System
Speical effects: wind, lightning, laser, smell, fog Simulator effect:: snow,bubble,rain,wind,lightnining
speaker: 4D Cinema System sound audio usage: theater,cinema
warranty: one year for all equipment brand: shuqee

One Year Warranty Of 4D Cinema System , Cinema Chair With The Ability Of Movement


What is 4D Cinema System​?


With the 3D Movies more and more populor , the innervation cinema is a good way to relax and relieve work pressure for city people.

According to statistics,More than forty 3D Movies played on the cinema in 2012,about seventeen movies receipts reach to ten million,and in the next few years this kind of service products revenue will grow as 30%-40%.

4D Cinema System not only equiped all the 3D effects but also added many new special effects,4D Mtion chair fusion more than six special function on the chair like "Water spray to face , Movement , Leg tickle , etc " The moviegoers can feel they are going through the movie screen,make the feeling more interesting , truth and exected.





Style 4D Cinema System
Capacity 4 seats per set
Seat weight 180KG
Seat color  Black,or as customer request
Movement from left to right 0-24 Degree
Vibration frequency 12HZ
Drive  Electronics
Customized is available



4D Cinema System chair special effects:


1.Spray air to face:Compressed air directly to the audience`s face,simulate the explosion impacrt , the bullet flying ect . The jet effect is sprayed by aie nozzle in chair, spray to face and neck


2.Movement:Up and down,left and right, forward and backward,simulate moviement of lifting, rolling,and pitching.


3.Vibration: Built-in seat cushion inside,the function can push up and down, realize the vibration of 12Hz,make the audience feel the up and down "vibration" feeling.


4.Leg tickle:Each small elastic air hose under the seat suspension will pat the audience calf place;it can simulate the animals to drill leg of the audience,


5.Push back:The back of the seat with the new equipment, the effect can push forward,realize 5Hz the vibration ferquency,make the audience feel on the back of the suddenly "vibration",have intense "Push Back" and " Electric shock" feeling.



Installation of 4D Cinema System:


a. Video and description about how to install and test.
b. Buyer sends engineer to China. We will train your person how to install and test.
c. We can come to buyer's place to install, test and train your person .
d. We will train the staff appointed by your company to install and operate the cinema for free. 
e. We will give you the advice of running the cinema all the time.



About After service:


Warranty: Control system is free lifetime and be updated; 1 year for standard chair,1year other equipment, no warranty of consumables,from delivery date.( All system and equipment problems are our responsibility , movies and other problems are not our responsibility).
Package: All the equipments are packed by wood frame ready for transportation.
Certification: CE,ISO9001,SGS,TUV etc.
Installation: The whole system can be installed according to Installation Instruction Manual; Or Supplier
send engineer to conduct installation, Buyer should pay for VISA, round-trip flight ticket,and accommodation.


One Year Warranty 4D Cinema System Theater Cinema Chair With Movement Effect

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